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Monday, 27 May 2019

Warehousing in Saudi Arabia

Freight solution offers one of the biggest warehousing facilities in Saudi Arabia with secure and structured storage rooms maintained perfectly for arriving cargos. If you list out the best warehousing companies in Saudi Arabia, we rank the top positions because of our dedicated team who provides quality output in supply chain management and warehousing industry.

Through our warehousing services we provide,

     Delivers storage facility

For producers, manufactures, wholesalers who have limited storage facilities, can use our services without interrupting their production

     Fast services to customers

Freight solutions has our services in major cities of Saudi Arabia, and can move goods quickly with our specialized equipment to convenient places as per the customer needs

     Protection against all risks

The cargos which are stored at our warehouses are insured against loss by fire, theft, deterioration. Freight solutions thus offers protection against all risks except their change in price in the commodity market.

     Ensures regular supply

By preserving goods from the time of production to the time of consumption, we ensure the continuous flow of goods in the market.

     Quality packing

The processing, packing, labeling done at our warehouses has helped in improving the quality and standard of grades for the products.