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Friday, 24 May 2019

Moving Companies in Saudi Arabia-Freight Solutions

Whether it’s your office or home, Freight-Solutions provide efficient shifting locally and internationally by all modes of transport depending on requirement.

We believe relocation is more than just moving items, our well-trained internal team and global quality partners in countries worldwide gives you a peaceful relocation experience.

Our experience is evident in our understanding of packing, scheduling, consolidation, routing and handling, which translates directly into an extremely competitive, packaged solution for our clients.

Some important guidelines to keep in mind while you are relocating to Saudi Arabia

If you decide that you want to bring everything you own with you, take time to look into Freight-Solutions, because we can make a world of a difference. We give you a detailed description on how their process works, quotes and shipping estimates, delivery times, overall customer service, and reviews from other customers should all be considered. We have got good reputation.

Things to consider in the Relocation process

     Original address – where we will pack and load your belongings

     Destination address in Saudi Arabia – where we will unload your belongings, and may deliver it to your home address in Saudi, or at a storage unit

     Volume and weight of your items

     Types of transportation (by air, train, truck, ship)

     Nature of the services, terms and conditions, insurance damage

     Prices and payment plans

Why Freights solutions?

     We provide Domestic and international freight forwarding services in Saudi Arabia

     Whether you’re planning to move across town, across state lines we’re here to lift the huge weight off your shoulders.

     Consignment specific vehicles assigned so as to ensure efficient transport without damage to goods and on-time delivery

     Temperature controlled carriers available to transport perishable goods to near and far locations

Our main goal is to deliver value-added and unmatched services in terms of quality and price, No matter where you want to move to.

Freights-Solutions give you trusted Road Transportation Services

Our Safety measures include,

     For large equipment, vehicles and other fragile cargo, we specialize in safely lashing and securing every component before moving. All required cargo are packed and secured by experts in order to ensure utmost safety for all of your cargo.

     We are equipped with the expertise to pack and crate goods of all shapes, sizes and weights no matter how complex the job is

     We also add extra padding like bubble wrap and stretch film to give your goods that extra bit of safety so no damage is caused in any of the transport processes