Shifting Companies in Riyadh


Freight solutions, is a leading logistics company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a well-equipped team, who has been taking sincere efforts to make crack free shipping, has made us one of the most rated and reputed shifting companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, which is the capital of Saudi Arabia, is one of the most populated cities in the Arab world with a population of 6.9 million people as per 2018 statistics.

Shifting Companies in Riyadh

What We Do?

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International shifting

No matter from where you are in, or where you want to move in the world. We will guide you in every single step and let you know with step wise updates in the process of shipment. We ensure stress free shipping to all of our customers.

Domestic shifting

We are very much familiar with the concern of the people who undergoes a domestic move like shifting their home, with the help of an external agency. Don’t worry! your households will be taken to at most care with our team experts who have been exceling in this industry for years. We have our innovative packing materials to wrap important materials. Our trucks are also regularly inspected and cleaned. After the shifting process we keep all the exposed areas such as doors, routing walls, stairs protected and safe at destination.

Shifting Companies in Riyadh
Shifting Companies in Riyadh

Office Shifting

Shifting an office is considered as a hectic task for every business owners because important documents or Electronic devices are getting shifted to a new premise. Only through Proper planning and coordination you can complete the task causing no errors. Freight Solutions has certain strategic plans which are designed to minimize the loss of productivity in your business, by taking minimal days for shifting. We take Servers and other important electronic devices in specialized boxes and transported via air suspension vehicles.

Secure Storage Section

We have specially maintained rooms for both short term and long term storage. All furniture are covered and protected with sealed name tags. This helps us to get things faster even if we get a short notice to ship a particular thing as per the customer needs.

Shipping Vehicles

We can guide you to one of the most economic moving services in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All the luxury vehicles are moved with extreme care with affordable prices that meets your budget.

Shifting Companies in Riyadh