Sea Freight Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state in Western Asia, encompassing most of the Arabian Peninsula, with Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coastlines. This Geography itself makes the nation super productive in sea shipping industry. It is geographically the second-largest country in the Arab world. Riyadh which is the capital of the country remains very large and busy city filled with skyscrapers.

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Freight Solutions provides two types of shipping service through Ocean:

Freight Solutions icon FCL (Full Container Load)

In FCL shipping, you may ship in a 20-foot container, 40-foot container, or 40-foot high cube container.

They have an entire container, which is used to load and unload the goods

You will not be sharing the containers with others

Only a single consignee (the recipient of the goods) will be there

Freight Solutions icon LCL (Less than Container Load)

Containers will be shared by other shippers

Multiple consignees will be there

All the goods must be placed on pallets (a straw mattress, used for damage free shipping)

Sea freight in Saudi Arabia

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You will be always notified immediately if any changes occur in the route maps of our cargo ship. You can track check the status of your cargo 24/7. We can provide the complete data in a single view. We are in the top choice of people as a “moving overseas company” in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. If you’re searching for a brief explanation regarding how these process are done, here it is. Goods are packed in shipping containers, and we book the space or container with the shipping agent, cargo is trucked to the shipping vessel at the port of origin and shipped overseas to the importer at the port of destination. It may be done through port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door or door-to-door, and can include truck pick up and or delivery.