Air cargo Riyadh

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Freight Solutions provide Air Cargo Services in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for all types of goods such as Electronic devices, Machine Parts, couriers or any other personal effects at reasonable prices. Our years of experience in this air shipping industry have made us to grow like one of the best air cargo companies in Saudi Arabia. What does actually air freight mean? Air freight is the shipment of cargo domestically or internationally using aircrafts.

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Air cargo Riyadh

Recently Saudi Arabia has announced the establishment of new special economic zone called “Integrated Logistics Bonded Zone”. This will focus on integrated Logistics, a new set of rules and regulations will be there to attract more multinational companies to Saudi Arabia. This increases the relevance of shipping goods via most secured and fast transportation methods, such as air cargo/ air freights, with the help of good reputed cargo shipping companies.

How air shipping rates are calculated ?

Shipping rates are calculated by a volumetric calculation based on 1.26 cubic meters fitting on a pallet with an estimated weight of 210Kgs. If your cargo weighs more, you are then charged by the actual weight of your cargo. Almost all passengers in aircraft also carry freight, along with air planes that are specifically designed to transport cargo.